Njon Sanders
4 min readJul 22, 2018

On a recent Nextdoor.com thread, an LA Daily News article calls out Mayor London Breed for encouraging service providers to increase client outreach asking them to be respectful of each other and of their neighborhoods; categorizing this as a refusal to “crack down on people using city as an outdoor toilet”. The usual suspects who flood the site with complaints lumping our population experiencing homelessness into a one-size-fits all conglomerate of inconsiderate, lazy, addict, freeloaders flocking to the city in record numbers to take advantage of the free services provided by us — the makers — the infamous taxpayers, penned their usual hyperbolic circle-jerk demonization of the homeless population, the non-profit support orgs, and our new mayor. Each felt the need to point out that they did not vote for her (or apparently for her opposition) :-/

While neighbors share their disgust at people’s littering and disrespect of their neighborhoods, they mock Breed for her seeming naïveté at asking our homeless residents to be respectful. I feel like her doing so is a good initial step in reaching out to those in crisis with compassion.

Regardless of who I voted for, I think I’ll give Mayor Breed more than two weeks to “fix” everything in the city. I find it baffling, folks’ insistence that if resolutions are not affected immediately or 100% the way that they envision them, that it’s a hell-in-a-handbasket situation. We need to find someone to blame and we are the only ones who care, right?! Offering people comprehensive and customizable sets of services has proven to be the most effective manner to empower individuals to help themselves get back on their feet. These end-to-end services have not just magically appeared in her first two weeks in office. Shame on you, London!

Many brought up an SF Chronicle article from the Mayor’s second day in office detailing a walk through the Tenderloin neighborhood with a number of municipal service department heads. They claim now that Breed “just walked through the TL” and they’re either being intentionally untruthful or failed to read the article which clearly spelled out Breed’s intent to reinforce the understanding that many of our residents are in urgent need of support, and that this would be her priority.

The Daily News piece obliquely states much the same. The point of contention appears to be that she is quoted there as saying…

Njon Sanders

After decades of living in crisis, I feel it is a gift to be able to support my communities in serving others – making things better for us all.